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Honda Accord Control Arm

Honda Accord Control Arm

Made with high-quality materials and subjected to multiple tests, ensuring quality and durability. It is a direct replacement for the original equipment, guaranteeing the longevity of your beloved vehicle. With precise tolerances, it is easy to install and compatible with all components.


  • Direct replacement, hassle-free installation, easy to install.
  • The anti-corrosion coating on the control arm extends its lifespan.
  • Made with high-strength steel tubing and solid plate mounting brackets, it possesses exceptional strength and durability.
  • With its superior strength and durability, it effectively enhances the driving and handling performance of the vehicle.

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    Honda Accord Control Arm

    High Quality

    Manufactured by a professional OEM manufacturer according to strict OE specifications and rigorous quality control standards, our Control Arm undergoes 100% functional testing to ensure reliable performance.


    Better Performance

    Featuring a corrosion-resistant coating, our Control Arm has a long lifespan, and the lubricated ball joints are easy to maintain. The lightweight structure meets application requirements and meets or exceeds OE form, fit, and function, providing superior performance.


    Perfect Fit

    Our Control Arm is a direct replacement, ensuring a proper fit. The brand new Control Arm with pre-assembled ball joints guarantees a hassle-free installation process.

    FAQs of Control Arm

    Control Arm Replacement Cost

    All things considered,based on these numbers, one is likely to spend an average of $300-$800 to have their vehicle’s control arms replaced as a pair.

    Should Control Arms Be Replaced In Pairs?

    Replacing vehicle control arms in pairs is generally considered to be a sound practice, for a number of reasons.

    How often do control arms need to be replaced?

    Generally, the average lifespan of a new set of control arms is between 60,000 and 100,000 kilometers under normal driving conditions.

    How do I know if my control arms need replacing?

    1.Vibrations or shaking

    2.Uneven tire wear

    3.Clunking or knocking noises

    4.Poor handling and steering response


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