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Skoda Octavia 1Z5 2004-2013 Bushing

Skoda Octavia 1Z5 2004-2013 Bushing

If you are eager to bring a quieter and more comfortable driving experience to the Skoda Octavia IZ5, then you may wish to choose a high-quality IZ5 Bushing. It will add more stability and quietness to your vehicle, making your driving journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Parts: Suspension Bushing
Brand: Loosoo
Condition: New
Recommended use: OEM replacement
OENumbers: 1K0505541CN,1K0505541B,1K0505541C,1K0505541D,MS70407,H11-6830

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      Suspension Bushing plays a vital role in vehicle driving. It not only effectively reduces vibration and noise, but also ensures a stable connection between the wheel and the body.

      Skoda Octavia 1Z5 2004-2013 Bushing

      The secret to quiet driving

      On busy city streets or quiet country roads, the Skoda Octavia IZ5 Bushing can provide you with an excellent driving experience. It uses fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials to effectively absorb and disperse vibrations and noise from the road, allowing both drivers and passengers to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable journey. Whether it's a long trip or a daily commute, it can make your driving journey more relaxed and enjoyable.


      Durable material, long-lasting and stable

      To ensure the outstanding performance and durability of the Skoda Octavia IZ5 Bushing, we have used high-quality, durable materials. These materials have been carefully selected and rigorously tested to maintain excellent stability and durability in a variety of harsh driving environments. Whether it is high temperature, low temperature or humid environment, it can provide you with reliable support and cushioning.


      Professional quality, trustworthy

      As a professional auto parts manufacturer, we know the importance of quality to car owners. Therefore, when we produce the Skoda Octavia IZ5 Bushing, we pay attention to every detail, from material selection to manufacturing process, and strive to achieve the best possible condition. We promise to provide you with high-quality products and professional services to make your driving journey more secure and enjoyable.

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      This Part Fits

      Partially compatible with Our Skoda Octavia 1Z5 Suspension Bushing.

      • 2003-2013 Skoda Octavia 1Z3/IZ5

      Please contact us for specific supported models.

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