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2014 Toyota RAV4 Stabilizer Sway Bar Bushing

2014 Toyota RAV4 Stabilizer Sway Bar Bushing

Not only for 2014 Toyota RAV4, but also for other similar models, expanding the scope of application of the product. By optimizing the distribution of the vehicle's center of gravity, it significantly improves the stability and handling of the entire vehicle, providing a better driving experience.
Brand: Loosoo
Condition: New
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Recommended use: OEM replacement
Product Name: Suspension Bushing,Stabilizer Sway Bar Bushing
OENumbers: 4881542100,4881542090,488150R040

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          Suspension Bushing plays a vital role in vehicle driving. It not only effectively reduces vibration and noise, but also ensures a stable connection between the wheel and the body.

          2014 Toyota RAV4 Stabilizer Sway Bar Bushing

          Precision design

          Precision design and manufacturing process are used to ensure perfect compatibility with 2012 Toyota RAV4, providing the best installation experience and stability.


          Thermoplastic Polyurethane Material

          High-performance thermoplastic polyurethane is selected to provide excellent compression and tear resistance, ensuring no deformation over long periods of use.


          Dual effect of anti-vibration and shock absorption

          Innovative anti-vibration and shock absorption structure design can both absorb vibration and reduce body shaking, bringing you a more comfortable driving experience.

          Suspension Parts

          This Part Fits

          Partially compatible with Our Toyota RAV4 Sway Bar Bushing.

          • 2006-2014 Toyota RAV4

          Please contact us for specific supported models.

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