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Nissan Maxima Shock Absorbers

Nissan Maxima Shock Absorbers

Placement on Vehicle:Left, Right, Front
Shock Absorber System:Double Pipe
OE Spec or Performance/Custom:OE Spec
Fitment Type:Direct Replacement
Shock Absorber Type:Gas
  • We ensure a precise fit for effortless installation.
  • Our products are completely new and have undergone rigorous testing to meet or surpass original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.
  • We offer premium quality that adheres to ISO/TS 16949 standards, guaranteeing the highest level of excellence.
  • Our components are engineered for exceptional durability and are supported by an industry-leading warranty.
  • Our parts are brand new and have not been previously used or sourced from a junkyard.
  • Each complete assembly is meticulously crafted to meet or exceed the exact specifications of the OEM.
  • Our products exhibit high resistance to corrosion and boast a long service life.

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    We appreciate your consideration of our product as your top choice. To effectively minimize the impact and shock from road conditions, it is essential to select our Shock Absorbers.

    Nissan Maxima Shock Absorbers

    Enhanced Driving Experience

    Our shock absorbers effectively reduce bumps and vibrations, providing a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.


    Improved Safety

    An excellent suspension system enhances vehicle stability and maneuverability, offering a safer driving environment.


    High-Quality Materials

    An excellent suspension system enhances vehicle stability and maneuverability, offering a safer driving environment.

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    This Part Fits

    • High-quality materials for optimal braking performance
    • Precision-engineered for a perfect fit on BMW X1 models
    • Low noise and minimal brake dust for a clean and quiet ride
    • Heat-resistant design for improved durability and fade resistance
    • Tested and certified to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and

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    FAQs of Shock Absorber

    The price of shock absorbers

    The price of shock absorbers varies depending on the brand, model, and type of vehicle. Generally, the price of shock absorbers ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand yuan. Higher-end shock absorbers usually have higher prices, while more common ordinary models are relatively cheaper.

    How long will be able to deliver?

    We usually ship the product within 48 hours after order confirmation. However, unforeseen factors such as inventory status or transportation delays may cause a slight delay in the delivery time.

    What are the symptoms of a bad shock absorber?

    Poor traction, excessive bouncing, vibrations, clunking, leaking oil, and
    poor ride quality are all symptoms of bad shock absorbers. If you're unsure which is bad, you can try compressing your vehicle's suspension at all four corners and keep an eye out for inconsistencies.

    How long should shock absorbers last?

    Shock absorbers should last you about 40,000-50,000 miles under normal conditions. They can only take so much abuse, however. If you take a vehicle off-road, take corners fast, or often drive over pothole-littered roads, you can expect to replace them sooner.

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